Batticuore! The bracelet that keeps track of the beats of your heart

Have you ever wondered what happens to the heart of the couple during the most important day of their lives?

Batticuore, a bracelet made with the wearable computer technology, worn by both the bride and groom will keep track of their position, their movements and the beating of their hearts during the most important stages of the wedding day.

Were they more excited before arriving at the altar or during the yes?

Through wireless technology Batticuore will transmit the emotions of the couple at all times and their heart rate, thanks to GPS technology, will be coordinated with the place and the time whenever it is changed, producing charts that allow you to discover this very special day from a completely new perspective.

How will they follow their emotions?

The data recorded by Batticuore will be analyzed and processed into graphs that the newlyweds and their guests can follow by visiting a dedicated website with access protected by a password. The site can be customized with photos and videos of their wedding to which you can add comments.

How does it work?

A SmartBand will be used to keep track of the couple Data.
Through a computer we will analyze the data and display them on a graph.
The bride and groom and their guests will be given access to a website where they can interactively navigate with photos and wedding video in sync with their emotions.
Through an interactive map you can follow the movements of geolocated spouses during the most important stages of the wedding day.
The interactive site is compatible with all desktops or mobile devices.