Civil ceremonies in Sardinia

We can organize civil ceremonies everywhere in Sardinia for any nationality. Civil ceremonies celebrated in Sardinia have legal value in Italy and throughout the world.

Catholic weddings in Sardinia

We organizes Catholic weddings everywhere in Sardinia. They are mainly performed inside beautiful cathedrals and small chapels, in Italian and English.

Protestant weddings in Sardinia

In Sardinia we can organize protestant weddings at the local Baptist Church. If you are a member of another Protestant Church, we will do our best to procure the right church for you.

Other religious weddings in Sardinia

We can arrange weddings according to different religions in Sardinia.

Beach weddings in Sardinia

If you are dreaming of getting married with your toes in the sand and spending your honeymoon basking in the sun of a paradise, then Sardinia is simply the best choice for you!

Elopements in Sardinia

More and more couples decide to elope in Sardinia. A simply ceremony with the person you love is a wonderful way to truly make this day yours.

Same sex weddings in Sardinia

A same sex wedding in Sardinia allows you to have a truly unique commitment experience. We can arrange your romantic ceremony in many beautiful settings.

Weddings on boat in Sardinia

Weddings on boat are the latest in trend toward romantic and fun wedding alternatives in Sardinia.

Humanist ceremony in Sardinia

Humanist weddings are an ideal solution for those couples that don’t want a religious service, but want more than the registry office.

Garden weddings in Sardinia

Garden weddings in Sardinia are a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors inland or by the sea

Vow renewals in Sardinia

The vow renewal is a beautiful way for already married couple to renew or reaffirm their love for one another.

Sologamy in Sardinia

It is an English term which indicates the act of marrying oneself which has a profound spiritual value.