Brittany & Brad – A glamorous wed in the Emerald Coast

Brad and Brittany tied the knot in a stunning ceremony on the Emerald Coast, a VIP spot in Sardinia. They picked a chic and famous location for their exclusive seaside wedding. The couple and their guests had a blast for three days on the emerald Coast.

Ana & Alessandro – Between an old ficus tree and the sea in Cagliari

Ana and Alessandro's wedding was a blast! They are from different cultures: Portugal and Sardinia, but they live in the UK. They got married in a gorgeous place by the sea in Sardinia, close to their roots. There was music, games, and fun all night. It was the best way to finish a great 2023 wedding season

Autumn & Lewis – A love that rides the waves

Autumn and Lewis were married at sunset last September. They wanted a barefoot beach wedding inspired by their lifestyle as surfers, with bright dried flowers and surfboards as decorations.It was a truly romantic and intimate wedding, full of joy and love. They stayed in a charming 4*hotel in the south of Sardinia, where they spent a relaxing honeymoon.

Laura & Michel – Cosy Wedding by the sea in Villasimius

Laura and Michel were married last June in Villasimius with a very intimate civil ceremony on a medieval fortress. The day was cloudy but it didn't ruin the magic atmosphere which sourrended the couple and their guests. The evening ended with a terrific sunset and a wonderful dance on the sand.

Donna & Russ – Whimsical beach wedding in Pula

Donna and Russ were married in August, the same month as their birthdays. They wanted a whimsical beach wedding and a charming 4* hotel by the sea on the southwest coast was the perfect setting for their barefoot wedding in Sardinia! For the decorations they chose a Mediterranean theme with lemons, white and blue flowers which match their bright personalities and love for the sun and sea.

Veronica and Antonio – Sunset vibes and fairylights in Alghero

Veronika and Antonio are a Norwegian-Italian couple who live and work all over the world and decided to celebrate their wedding in Alghero with a mixed religiorns ceremony sourrended by families and friends.

Barbara & Joe – Dancing in the moonlight

Joe is Scottish and Barbara is Sardinian but live in England and truly wanted getting married in Sardinia with their families and friends. The wedding day was full of joy and they ended dancing till the moonlight.

Justin and Alberto – Romantic Gay Wedding in Northern Sardinia

Justin and Alberto are a beautiful gay couple who decided to celebrate their love in Sardinia in 2022 with an intimate wedding day and one week of events in the Northern part of the Island.

Ilaria and Alexis – Happy wedding in vineyard

Ilaria and Alexis decided to have a large wedding in Sardinia, their home place. It was important for them to be sourronded by their many friends and closest families. To celebrate their love they choose two differents locations, both in the South of the island.

Gabrielle and Conor – Seaside wedding in Olbia

For Gabriella and Conor, who have been together since they were teenagers, Sardinia was the first place they ever went on holiday together in 2011, with family and have always spoken about getting married there since. Finally last year they could tie the knot with a joyful party in Olbia.

Josienne & Nicholas – Laid back wedding by the sea in Pula

Josi and Nicholas belong from different Countries but live in Italy and wanted to show the beauty of this country to their guests but by the sea, this is why they chose Sardinia!

Yuriko & Ryuichiro – Japanese beach wedding in Costarei

Yuriko and Ryuichiro are a japanese couple who tied the knot in Sardinia on a warm October with a very intimate barefoot ceremony in the famous seaside village of Costarei in the south.

Andrea & Massimo – Intimate gay wedding in the countryside

Andrea and Massimo choose for their intimate wedding the lovely countryside of Southern Sardinia. A select group of close friends witnessed their exchange of vows in a truly romantic setting at sunset.

Sarah & Randy – Seafront wedding in Pula

Sarah and Randy spent many holidays and very specials moments together on the island and felt in love with it. It was their dream to marry here, because it meant a lot to them and thought it was the perfect place to tie the knot.

Lizzy & Daniel- Tropical beach wedding in the Emerald Coast

Lizzy has always dreamed of getting married on a beautiful beach with the sun shining, and Sardinia ticked all the boxes. After few considerations they choose the north east coast and an exclusive 5*hotel which offered them the possibility to get married in a very secluded beach and to stay all together.

Jacopo & Bryan – Pre wedding day shooting in Cagliari

Bryan and Jacopo had this super romantic shooting at sunset in Cagliari the day before their wedding. Dressed in white as all their friends, they created fantastic poses in Castello, one of the most beautiful corners of the city.

Jacopo & Bryan – Unconventional gay wedding in Cagliari

Jacopo and Bryan got married in Sardinia with an intimate wedding in Cagliari. Families and friends joined them from all over the world for an unconventional wedding in the glamourous capital of the Island.

Lara & Jeremy – Wet Bride, lucky bride in Orosei

Lara and Jeremy got married in Sardinia with an intimate beach wedding in Orosei. Families and friends joined them from US for a romantic wedding in Italy.

Michel & Jess – Elegant catholic wedding in San Pantaleo

Jess and Michel live in Australia but Michel has Sardinian origins because his father was borned in Sardinia. This is the reason for which the couple chose this part of Italy for their wedding abroad.

Edel & Mark – Country chic wedding in Pula

Edel and Mark are Irish but live in Australia in a city by the sea and truly wanted getting married in the sunshine with delicious food and wine which represent who they are and the life they have built in Australia over the last 8 years. Moreover there is a Sardinian bar and restaurant where they live which they love.

Kerrie-Anne & Alain – Beach wedding in Costarei

From island to island. Kerrie-Anne and Alain come from the British Islands and chose another island for their wedding abroad. The summer seaside of Costarei and the famous white sandy beaches of the south east coast have been the perfect scenario for their barefoot wedding at beginning of June.

Mark & Clare – Mediterranean beach wedding in Pula

Clare dreamed of a beach wedding. Mark luckily agreed! They both love Sardinia for the Organic food, the community and the relaxed pace of life, what’s not to love!

Martina & Valeria – Romantic elop at the lighthouse

Nothing is more romantic than this lesbian elopement celebrated at sunset near a lighthouse in Cagliari, the glamorous capital of Sardinia in Italy.

Isabelle &Nicolas- Elegant wedding in Olbia

"Thanks again for everything during the wedding. Despite the cloudy weather we had an amazing time!" Isabelle

Mario & Christina – Barefoot wedding in Costarei

Costarei is famous for its long white sandy beaches and Mario & Christina chose one of them for their barefoot wedding abroad with their families and a select group of friends.

Diane and Noel – Winter Wedding in Cagliari

Diane and Noel choose Cagliari, the glamour capital of the Island for their winter wedding last November. Sardinia in winter is not that busy and temperatures are warm. Imagine quiet places, unspoilt beaches, the gentle sound of the sea, the perfumes of the nature. Yes this is paradise!

Francesca & Giorgia – Boho Lesbian Wedding in Cagliari

Francesca and Giorgia are a beautiful Sardinian couple who decided to get married in Cagliari, their home town, last September with a festive ceremony and lots of friends.

Katrin & Dmitro – Small chapel ceremony in Palau

Dmitro and Katrin are a lovely couple living in Berlin. They are very shy so decided to get married with an intimate catholic ceremony in the small charming chapel of Porto Rafael in Palau.

Gamze and Anton – Bohemian beach wedding in Villasimius

Villasimius is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and Anton and Gamze chose one of them for their bohemian wedding in Sardinia. The perfect spot for their legal ceremony on the beach and a festive wedding day with families and friends.

Vicki & Alex – Wedding with a vibe in Orosei

Orosei is a characteristic town off the beaten tracks with lots of history and wonderful beaches. This was the perfect spot for the beautiful wedding of Vicki and Alex which included three ceremonies and an intimate reception on a roof terrace at sunset.

Mandy & Paul – From Scotland to Pula

Mandy and Paul are from Scotland but Sardinia has been the natural choice for their wedding abroad as this is where Mandy’s father has born. The wedding day was a mix of traditions, cultures and touching moments.

Dru & Jihyun – Korean beach wedding in Costarei

Dru and Jihyun visited many places around the world, which have made them come to realize that anywhere in this world is beautiful when they are together. They wanted to have a destination wedding to share with their friends and family. So we are extremely proud that they choose Sardinia to share this special event last May.

Valentina & Daniele- Private beach wedding in the Emerald Coast

Valentina and Daniele had only a request, getting married in a small private beach with their families. And we made their dream come true! We select for them an exclusive hotel settled amid the lush mediterranean vegetation and with private access to a small bay sourrended by the famous rocks of the Emerald Coast

Gabriela & Reinaldo – Romantic wedding in Alghero

Gabriela and Reinaldo came from far away: Brasil! They never visited Sardinia before but have heard about it and keen to discover this italian jewel in the middle of the mediterranean sea. A nice group of parents and friends followed them in this dream of getting married abroad and we organized three days of events in Alghero for all of them.

Marie & Toby – Rustic chic wedding in Pula

Marie and Toby visited Sardinia twice before chosing it for their wedding abroad. Coming from Scotland you can think that they were looking for a beach wedding but they preferred a rustic and informal vibe and the inland countryside.

Nadina & Tim – Romantic wedding in Porto Rotondo

Nadina and Tim have a special love for Sardinia for having spent many holidays together in the Island. This is also where Tim decided to propose and where they decided to get married last July.

Cherelle and Graeme – Garden wedding in Olbia

Cherelle and Graeme love the sunshine, food and beautiful scenery. Sardinia for them includes all qualities of Italy but offers more idyllic scenery and exclusivity, not to mention the ease of access for their friends and family to attend the wedding. That’s why their decision to get married here.

Claire & Andrew – Wedding in the castle of Castelsardo

Claire & Andrew was the first couple to get married in this season 2017. They chose the beautiful town of Castelsardo and its suggestive and romantic castle, where they had an intimate evening civil ceremony

Maurizia & Cenk – Boho chic beach wedding in Pula

October can be a wonderful month to get married in Sardinia. Maurizia and Cenk decided to get married in the lovely town of Pula, not far from the birthplace of her GrandParents.

Olga & Onno – Orange beach wedding in Porto Rotondo

The letter “O” has been the main theme of this funny but beautiful wedding in Porto Rotondo. “O” like Olga & Onno, the names of the funniest sposies we have ever had, and “O” like orange, the favourite colour of the bride which was in her make-p, flowers, in the groom’s suit and in a special cocktail created just for them!

Claire and Daniele – Exclusive wedding in a luxury Lighthouse

There are only a few places in the world that can compete with the Capo Spartivento lighthouse for beauty and position! Claire and Daniele chose this amazing place for their beautiful wedding in the south of Sardinia last September.

Ashley & Wadse- Garden wedding in Olbia

Ashley and Wadse are wine and travelling lovers. They have travelled all around the world but only Sardinia matched these two passions! So this is where they decide to tie the knot.

Louise & Neil – Beach wedding in Costarei

Louis and Neal are from UK. They choose for their intimate and romantic wedding in June the seaside village of Costarei in the South, famous for its long golden beach of white sand and crystal blue sea.

Kerry & Riccardo – Garden wedding in Olbia

Kerry and Riccardo were married in a beautiful 4 stars hotel in Olbia with a beautiful garden ceremony in front of the Tavolora Island and many guests coming from UK and Italy. Riccardo has Italian origins and has spent many summer holidays in that part of Sardinia therefore the choice of this hotel comes natural to the couple

Carrie & Ollie – Wedding in Alghero

Carrie and Ollie are from UK. After visiting other parts of the Island they chose Alghero for the beauty of the old part and its wonderful seaviews. They were looking for a lively town with everything at walking distance and the instantly felt in love with it!

Jess & Michael – Exclusive wedding in the Emerald Coast

Jess and Michael were married in an exclusive 5 stars hotel at the famous village of Porto Rotondo, in the Emerald Coast. They booked the whole hotel in exclusive use to enjoy the time with their guests coming from all over the world.

Elaine & Aaron – Wedding in Alghero

Elaine and Aaron had a romantic wedding Alghero with a civil ceremony at the local town hall followed by an aperitif on the beach and a dinner at a beautiful country mansion with all their guests and a party with music till late.

Marisa & Warren – Barefoot wedding in the Emerald Coast

Marisa and Warren are from UK and Italy has always had a special meaning for them. They got engaged in the middle of the Italian sea and wanted their wedding to be by the sea as well. So Sardinia has soon become their right choice!

Camilla & Jorn – Beach wedding in Costarei

The couple said: “We had such a great time in Sardinia and the wedding day was just like a dream! We want to thank you very much for all you’re help! You really made our day perfect! And all the guest was very impressed over the wedding! The food was lovely and what a nice beach and restaurant! I almost want to get married once more just to get to experience it once more – Camilla and Jorn”

Edward & Simone – Beach wedding in the Emerald Coast

Edward and Simone are from Nottingham (UK). They chose a teal theme for their beautiful beach wedding in the famous seaside village of Porto Rotondo in the Emerald Coast.

Maria & Robert – Elopement in Villasimius

To elope literally means “to escape with your loved one and get married without telling anyone”. More and more couples decide to elope in Sardinia to make their wedding feel more intimate, romantic and personal.

Jera & Peter – Romantic elopement in Cagliari

Jera & Peter chose Cagliari to celebrate their intimate love with a civil ceremony at the local town hall and we want to share with you some of their most beautiful photos.

Rory & Annie – Beach wedding in Orosei

Annie and Rory are from US and climbing lovers. This is one of the reasons for which they choose the lovely village of Orosei, in the eastern coast, for its wedding in Sardinia. They had a very special ceremony with a “8-knot” ritual at sunset on the beach with a very small group of guests followed by an aperitif with Sardinian food. The reception took place on a panoramic terrace but for the party the bridal party went back to the beach for a celebration under the stars.

William & Ekaterina- Intimate wedding in the Emerald Coast

William and Ekaterina are from Russia and they decided to have their romantic wedding in the Emerald Coast. For their ceremony they choose the garden of the historical town hall of Olbia which was enriched with lots of wonderful flowers for the special occasion. They had a very intimate ceremony with their families and close friends coming from UK and Russia. The ceremony was followed by an aperitif and a private dinner in a local restaurant by the sea.

Roma & Per – Catholic blessing in the Emerald Coast

Roma and Per chose for their intimate wedding the lovely village of San Pantaleo in the North East Coast. They had a catholic blessing in the beautiful Petra Segreta Resort, a jem nestled between the red rocks and the Mediterranean maquiee of the Emerald coast. The ceremony was followed by an aperitif outdoor and an elegant but relaxed dinner in the charming restaurant.

Magda & Boris – Catholic wedding in Bosa

Magda and Boris are from German/Berlin. They planned a long tour through Sardinia with their guests and stopped in the lovely town of Bosa for their romantic wedding.

Mark & Karin – Catholic wedding in Alghero

Mark and Karin are from Ireland and they decided to have their wedding in Alghero. For their ceremony they choose the majestic cathedral located in the historical town centre where they had a very intimate ceremony with their families and close friends. The ceremony was followed by an aperitif at sunset on the panoramic bastions and by a private dinner in a nice local restaurant.

Tim & Mandy- Intimate garden wedding in Chia

Tim and Mandy are from Hong Kong and decided to get married in Sardinia after hearing about it on Sky by a famous chef.

Elliott & Tamsin – Beach wedding in Chia

Tamsin and Elliott chose a peacock wedding theme to give a chic, classy, elegant and sophisticated look to their beach wedding in Chia.

Matt & Louise- Garden wedding in Olbia

“Thank you so much for all your help and patience over the past 10 month. We couldn't have done it without you and thanks for making it so special. Lots of love Matt and Louise xxx”

Michelle and Stuart – Romantic beach wedding in Bosa

Michelle and Stuart get married last June in Bosa, a lovely town in the North West of Sardinia. They had a romantic and coloured ceremony on the beach with just a small group of guests and many sunflowers. The ceremony was followed by a relaxed dinner at sunset and a lively party that last till late and ended with the launch of the chinese lanterns in the Sardinian blue sky.

David and Kristina – Garden wedding in Villasimius

David and Kristina had a beautiful wedding day starting with an intimate garden ceremony on a terrace in front of the sea, followed by a relaxed aperitif and an elegant reception in a beautiful hotel by the sea.

Massimo & Tamsin – Romantic wedding in Alghero

Tamsin and Massimo had a wonderful seaside wedding in a beautiful 4 stars hotel in Alghero with an outdoor ceremony on a panoramic terrace followed by a sailing boat trip alone. On their return they had a rich dinner with all their guests and a party with music till late.

Mark & Lisa – Catholic wedding in Villasimius

Lisa and Mark got married with a Catholic ceremony in the nice seaside town of Villasimius in the south east coast of Sardinia.

Dirk & Rachel – Catholic wedding in Castelsardo

Dirk and Rachel were married with a small group of close friends and family in October 2011. They choose for their intimate and romantic wedding the beautiful town of Castelsardo, perched on the top of a panoramic hill. They had an intimate catholic ceremony followed by an intimate panoramic dinner.

Armand & Patora – Beach wedding in Costarei

Armand and Patora choose for their intimate and romantic wedding the lovely seaside resort of Costarei in the South. A select group of family and close friends witnessed their exchange of vows under a beautiful flower arch in a truly romantic ceremony held on the beach.

Dan & Denise – Beach wedding in Costarei

Dan and Denise had a fully wedding day in the South starting with an intimate civil ceremony in Castiadas, followed by a relaxed aperitif on a beautiful white sandy beach in Costarei and an elegant dinner in Villasimius.

Henry & Katherine – Civil ceremony in Calasetta

Henry and Katherine choose for their intimate wedding the lovely town of Calasetta in the South. After exchanging their vows in a lovely 18th century watch tower facing the sea with a few guests, they took the ferry to reach the famous fishing island of Carloforte where they had an elegant but relaxed dinner in a charming restaurant.

Emma & Sanjay – Outdoor wedding in the Emerald Coast

Emma and Sanjay had three days of wedding events started with an elegant dinner in a famous restaurant of Porto Cervo, followed by the wedding at Cala di Volpe and a boat excursion the day after.

Niamh & Lenny – Wedding in Castelsardo & Alghero

Niamh and Lenny had three days of wedding events. The wedding ceremony took place at the panoramic Cathedral of Castalsardo, followed by an aperitif on a panoramic terrace before going back to Alghero for an elegant sit down dinner at a charming country mansion in Alghero.

Nikki and Stuart – Wedding in villa in Cagliari

Nikki and Stuart were civilly married in the town hall of Cagliari. The bride travelled to the town on a Beetle Cabriolet, making an unforgettable entrance through the gate of the town hall. The ceremony was followed by an elegant but relaxed dinner in a charming private villa in Pula.