Katrin & Dmitro – Small chapel ceremony in Palau

Dmitro and Katrin are a lovely couple living in Berlin. They are very shy so decided to get married with an intimate catholic ceremony in the small charming chapel of Porto Rafael in Palau.

Dmitro and Katrin live in Berlin but they are rispectively from Ukrania and London. They are a very shy couple and decided to tie the knot alone with an intimate ceremony in Sardinia at the end of September.
As they are both catholic they were looking for a religious ceremony and we thought that the small chapel of Porto Rafael could be the perfect solution for them.
Our English speaking priest performed a lovely ceremony that created a magic atmosphere.
The priest, photographer and two witnesses were the only people partecipating to this tribute of love.
The ceremony was followed by a toast at the local “piazzetta”, a photo session and a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant in Palau.

Location: Palau
Type of ceremony: Catholic ceremony
Type of venue: Elegant restaurant