Mandy & Paul – From Scotland to Pula

Mandy and Paul are from Scotland but Sardinia has been the natural choice for their wedding abroad as this is where Mandy’s father has born. The wedding day was a mix of traditions, cultures and touching moments.

Every year we have some couples who decide to get married in Sardinia because this is where one of their parents was born and raised. This is the case of Mandy and Paul. Mandy’s father is originally from the south but moved to Scotland many years ago, where he still lives together with his family.
Mandy has spent all her holidays in Sardinia since she was a child and felt in love with the island deeper and deeper and so Paul did when she knew her. So this was a natural choice when Paul asked her to get married.
Their marriage was celebrated in the traditional way with a catholic ceremony at her father’s town, followed by a festive but elegant reception at a Sardinian charming farmhouse where guests enjoyed the atmosphere of the Island and its delicious food.
The refined music of a famous live band made the rest for an unforgettable wedding day.

Location: Pula
Type of ceremony: Catholic Wedding
Type of venue: Country venue 04