Imagine a little village with a delicate charm among the soft hills of Sardinia.

The distinctive trait of the historical centre, the wide variety of the landscape and the sense of peace you can feel walking throughout the narrow cobbled streets or taking a break in the shadows of the bell towers make Tuili a magic and romantic location for your country wedding in Italy.

A lost in time scenery but just one hour drive from the airport of Cagliari: here an aristocratic villa, built in the first half of the 19th century, overlooks the landscape from the highest point of the historical centre.

This magnificent villa takes up a whole block of the village and faces directly the majestic church of San Pietro through a charming stone arch. It’s in this heavenly atmosphere that the religious ceremony can take place.
The villa is divided into two areas: the noble one, now used as a museum pole where you can have your civil ceremony inside and the rural part with its limitless courtyard, warehouses and stables which has been completely renovated and its now an elegant location for wedding receptions.

There are things you cannot describe and this villa is the proof which makes this historic venue magic.

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Cagliari soft hills

Just 25 minutes from the town, completely surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the Cagliari hills stands this charming country resort where privacy and tranquility create the ideal environment for those looking for an oasis of pure relaxation.
The lush vegetation, the vineyards, the olive trees and the fruit trees with their colors and scents, the style that recalls the classic country architecture and the two large swimming pools, interior and exterior, give its guests a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for lovers of nature but also for those who want a country chic wedding made by the right mix of relax and fun.

The property offers multiple housing solutions, with the sumptuous manor house equipped with 9 suites; three levels of reading rooms, living areas, spa and a gym. There is also a large outdoor swimming pool, a five-a-side football pitch, a tennis court, a basketball court, a riding school and a church for catholic ceremonies.
Its majestic outdoor terraces and gardens will be the perfect scenario for your wedding in style.


Santu Lussurgiu

Once upon a time, there was an enchanting corner of Sardinia with charming cobbled alleyways, historic architecture, beautiful views and a certain something that sets a place apart from the norm.

Its name was Santu Lussurgiu, a small ancient village set among the rocky mountains of the Montiferru area. Santu Lussurgiu is home to a wide variety of typical products, such as an unusual pear-shaped cheese called Casizolu that has been listed as one of the world’s endangered heritage foods. The village also has a century long local tradition of distillation. This tradition has been preserved mainly through the production of Abbardente, a local Sardinian acquavita, distilled from wine and diluted with the natural water from its famous spring.

Totally immersed in the atmosphere of its unique historical centre and masterfully led by the heir of the original property owner, weddings here take place in a magical venue: a 17th century mansion of Spanish design with scattered old houses which aims to preserve the ancient buildings of the village and it also hosts the Italian Cooking Academy.

The rooms are comfortable and individually furnished, some have windows with original stone frames, antique or modern furnishings and / or wood-beamed ceilings. Some suites also have a fireplace and a kitchenette.
Its courtyard with lanterns in the trees, tea light in jars and the charming restaurant are perfect to combined to create a fairy tale wedding day.

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  • Group size: perfect for small groups
  • Ceremony: symbolic outdoor
  • Accommodation: 12 rooms
  • Music Restrictions: till 1.00 am
  • Airport: Cagliari


Orosei is a little town located on Sardinia’s eastern coast that still preserve the charm of a small medieval village. A narrow maze of uphill alleys, stone and white-painted old houses, colourful courtyards with geraniums and climbing plants and the characteristic Italian “Piazzetta”, a small square with bars and restaurants that add a country-typical, Mediterranean atmosphere to this place. But this is also the place where you can discover the flavours of authentic Sardinia: here the food is traditional and genuine, and is the heritage of years of history. Very few places in the world can boast food is as authentic as that served in Orosei.

In the historical centre of the village there is a rustic mansion which reflects the original hospitality of the Island. Rooms are distributed in three different buildings close to each other: a country house, a whitewashed historical building and a fascinating and mysterious palazzo.
You and your guests could enjoy your ceremony on its private beach or on the top floor terrace, followed by the reception in the courtyard or on the top floor restaurant overlooking the sea and admiring the nature’s spectacular sunset painting the sea water with its colours immersing in its ancient atmosphere. Simplicity and genuineness are the key words for this special location.

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  • Group size: up to 80
  • Ceremony: symbolic outdoor
  • Accommodation: 27 rooms
  • Music Restrictions: till 2.00 am
  • Airport: Olbia


Twenty-five miles south of Alghero, along the west coast, is the beautiful medieval town of Bosa with a friendly, local atmosphere. Considered one of Sardinia’s gems, this romantic town is situated along the banks of the river Temo, Sardinia’s only navigable river, and is surrounded by steep hills, overlooked by an imposing castle where we can organize romantic civil ceremonies.
The multi-coloured buildings and picturesque piazzas, fantastic restaurants, many of which are tucked away down the winding, unpretentious alleyways, and laidback café bars resemble many towns by the Italian Lakes.
About two kilometres away but easily reachable within walking distance from the town centre, there is a fantastic beach in a crescent-shaped harbour.
Less than 20 minutes from the town, overlooking the sea of Bosa and behind the soft hills of Montiferru, stands this old villa in liberty style, a synthesis of traditional architectural techniques and the result of a fine restoration, which saved most of the original building.
Despite being equipped with the modern comforts, the timeless atmosphere of this place is still intact and offers the simplicity and charm of a traditional house in the old town.
The 22 rooms of this villa are all different and presents Liberty or Sardinian style furniture and linen.
The  garden with swimming pool and sun terrace are the perfect scenario for an unforgettable country chic weddings in Northern Sardinia.

  • Group size: up to 280 indoor
  • Ceremony: symbolic outdoor
  • Accommodation: 14 rooms
  • Music Restrictions: no
  • Airport: Alghero